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Welcome and thanks for visiting my website!  I'm as surprised as anyone in my
babyboomer generation that I'm now in my  late 50's.   Where did the time go?
But I am feeling blessed to have made it thus far with family, friends
and such a variety of life experiences.  Every day is a new discovery!

I've lived in urban, rural and suburban surroundings, and had an
exciting life with raising two wonderful daughters, being a stepmother
to five grown children and a grandmother to twelve!
My vocation has turned from governmental fiscal and policy analysis  during the 1980's to
right-brained artistic endeavor.  Please visit my art galleries.

My spiritual life and Christian faith has deepened as I have found  purpose and
meaning through dealing with the health challenges of multiple sclerosis
and now as a caregiver to  a husband with cancer.  Adversity has given me many opportunities to serve
in empathy with others, and a greater appreciation of God's bountiful creation.

No matter how complicated life becomes,  faith, hope and love will see us through.

Although I have sold many of my paintings over the years, my main reason for painting
is to express what is in my soul.  Using an impressionist style, my paintings are designed to convey feeling, movement and texture on a 2 dimensional surface.  The visual effects of Multiple Sclerosis, including double vision, can make rendering realistic images a formidable challenge.  I do what I can when I can.  It is the process and joy of creation that counts.  After all, we are human beings, not human "doings."

Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons - Autumn"
Music plays for aprox. 12 minutes.
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